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I look to the sea...

reflections in the waves...

spark my memory...

Some happy...Some sad...

I think of childhood friends...

and the dream we had...

We live happily forever...

so the story goes...

But somehow we missed out...

on the pot of gold...

But we'll try...

best that we can...

to carry on...

~ Styx ~

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This collection of backgrounds is a joint

effort between two friends separated

geographically but close every day by a

special bond of the heart.Thank you,

KittyWompuss for all your help and

always being here for me.Make sure

to visit Wompie's web site for more

of our backgrounds.You won't be


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Click on the thumbnails to view the

background sets.Save the large background

to your hard drive.Each set has buttons,

bars, welcome sign and a matching logo

to link back to Bridgett O Flynn's graphics.

I've just started putting this site together

So check back often.

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Please make sure to visit Wompie's web site

to find out where to find a clear.gif or

spacer.gif to use with border backgrounds.

Please provide a link back to Bridgett O Flynn.

You can use the graphic below or the matching

logos on each background set page.Save it to

your hard drive and link the image back to


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Remember, download these images to your

own computer.I'll be changing the names of

them often, and if you link directly, you will

find yourself with a broken image.

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The "Carousel" collection

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This background was made for this site.Please

do not take it.I have done backgrounds with my

Bridgett O Flynn handle as well as my Juiceykat one.

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